ComplyChex is offering very necessary services to make sure the worksite employer is protected

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Our Services

On 09/28/2014, California Assembly Bill 1897, significantly expanded the scope of liability of physical worksite employers that contract with staffing agencies. Under the law, a physical worksite employer may now be held civilly liable for a staffing agency’s failure to comply with payroll taxes and workers’ compensation. With the effect of this bill, issues arise with staffing agency’s overstating locations, mishandling payroll taxes, committing workers comp fraud, and failing to remain ACA compliant.

Due to these significant changes, ComplyChex is offering very necessary services to make sure the worksite employer is protected. Let us do the heavy lifting and make sure you know who you are working and that they can be trusted.

See below for some of the services ComplyChex will provide …

  • We will enhance your relationship with staffing agencies and increase trust and productivity however we don’t get in the way of what’s working
  • We will handle the compliance and due diligence, identify risks associated with staffing agencies, and provide recommendations to the workers site employer.
  • We will make sure your staffing agencies are ACA compliant
  • We track down, verify, and provide details on physical locations --- is it just a satellite office? We will find out.
  • We will work with our Client’s current staffing agencies to bring them into compliance with the new compliance requirements put into place
  • We will locate, vet, and replace any staffing agency that is unable or unwilling to meet the new compliance requirements
  • We will review capacity for order fulfillment for each staffing agency branch(es)
  • We will review payroll tax payments of staffing vendors to avoid potential defaulted tax liabilities
  • We will check and track the validity of insurance certificates
  • We will consult on staffing agency pricing and contract review


Please do not hesitate to contact ComplyChex with any questions you may have or if you would like us to put a proposal together for your company!