ComplyChex is offering very necessary services to make sure the worksite employer is protected


ComplyChex is dedicated to developing and sustaining long-term partnerships between Worksite Employers’, its Business Units, and Staffing Agencies they work with. Our goal is to vet and match staffing agencies with the culture and requirements of our clients the Worksite Employer. We are here to protect and mitigate risk / exposure to our clients through our robust due diligence and servicing. Here are some of the services we offer but are not limited to …

  • Vetting order fulfillment physical site verification
  • Payroll tax payment verification  on temporary employees
  • Workers Compensation validity and compliance
  • Affordable Care Act Compliance
  • And much more!


Summarizing what ComplyChex does is simple, however summarizing the origins behind the liabilities that staffing agencies may present the worker site employer is much more in depth and complicated. Please explore our website to learn more about who we are and the services we provide.